Code of Conduct

At BTC, the wellbeing of our members is our highest priority.


Our Code of Conduct is designed to clarify Bendigo Theatre Company’s expectations of how members, performers, production staff and all volunteers must conduct themselves whilst involved in the activities of the company. Our goal is to ensure that every member is treated equally and with respect, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Model Rules

As a not-for-profit community organisation, there are certain rules that need to be followed to ensure that our company remains a vibrant and successful cultural asset, well into the future.


The Constitution serves as a ‘roadmap’ for running the organisation. It is also a legal requirement for us, as an organisation, that we follow the Constitution at all times, to keep our members safe.

Mission Statement

‘To inculcate an appreciation of the live theatre amongst members, the public of Bendigo and surrounding districts, by the presentation of theatrical performances of a worthwhile nature.’


Bendigo Theatre Company seeks to follow this mission statement in all facets of theatre production. By working towards this united vision, we are able to bring quality theatre to local audiences every time we hit the stage.

Governing Legislation

Bendigo Theatre Company adheres to this legislation which seeks to establish a scheme for the incorporation and registration of voluntary associations and for the registration of other registrable bodies as incorporated associations; and seeks to make provision for the corporate governance, financial accountability and other matters relating to the rules and membership of associations registered under that scheme.

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